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Author: KimMacShane

Massage | Beauty | Soy Candles

A Healing Therapeutic style of massage, without the clinical environment

Where did Hot Stone Massage come from?

There are three main cultures which have heavily influenced how modern-day Hot Stone Massage Therapy has evolved: the Chinese,  Native Americans and the Hawaiians (although Egyptian, Ayurvedic and many other traditional healing arts are also said to have used stones and/or heat). One of the first recorded uses of stones for healing was by Ancient Chinese medical practitioners […]

Why choose soy wax?

  Why choose soy wax?     Paraffin wax Soy Wax Contains petroleum Burning paraffin emits harmful vapours and black soot. Had to remove from surfaces Candles may not burn completely Burning paraffin may produce carcinogens Paraffin supports the Oil Industry 100% non-toxic Comes from the soybean plant Soy burns cleaner and cooler- no soot […]