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Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy Massage

Pre-natal/Pregnancy massage has an important role to play in pregnancy support. Pregnant women often suffer from neck, shoulder, back, hip and foot pain due to hormonal changes and the increasing physical load. Massage helps to reduce tension and pain, headaches, leg cramps, insomnia, fluid retention, stress and fatigue.

Designed around the changing contours and specific pressure points of the pregnant body, this treatment uses a Belly Pillow, a specialty pillow designed for pregnant women to allow lying in a fully supported and comfortable manor.

Information: The perfect gift for mums-to-be

Time/Amount: 60min - 90min

Benefits of pregnancy massage include:

Helps regulate relaxation and stress hormone levels which help to keep you relaxed and feeling good.
Helps to ease back, neck & shoulder pains that could be caused by changes in the body due to the increased weight.
Helps to reduce swelling of the hands and feet and increases circulation
Reduces pain in the pelvic area
Enhances the elasticity and health of your skin
Reduces fatigue and helps have a better sleep
Prepares the mother-to-be for an easier delivery
It’s a natural and safe choice for pain relief and considering taking medications during pregnancy are limited it’s a great drug-free alternative.
Promotes relaxation of the nervous system as it releases endorphins into a mother’s body.

I also use a custom made Belly Pillow so tummy sleepers will be happy!

Please note
+ It is not recommended for expecting mums to get a massage during their first trimester.
+ certain essential oils are contra-indicated during pregnancy so we won’t be using these! Some of these oils are toxic, or have an emmenagogue action, which means they promote menstruation. Experts recommend that during pregnancy, the following oils should be avoided: Almond – bitter Basil Black pepper Cedarwood Chamomile Cinnamon Clove Fennel Horseradish Jasmine Lemon Lemongrass Mustard Myrrh Nutmeg Oregano Peppermint Pine Rose Rosemary Sage Stinging nettle Thyme – See more at: http://www.bellybelly.com.au/pregnancy/essential-oils-in-pregnancy-which-essential-oils-are-safe-to-use/