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As a fully qualified Remedial Massage therapist, Day Spa and Beauty therapist I want to offer something I feel Parkdale has been missing. I combine my day spa and massage experience to create a unique environment; a tranquil healing space, without the "clinical feel", so your mind and body are at peace from the moment we begin.  This will not only help you de-stress, but enable your body's natural healing ability to work unobstructed.  For me massage is more than just a form of relaxation, its about maintain wellness by helping the body's tissue recover from the hardships of our stressful lives.

Whether you have back pain, neck pain, tight muscles, sports injuries, or you're a new mum just needing some relaxation. I have a massage style to suit your needs.

Find out why everybody raves about my Hot Stone Massage

This unique form of massage uses volcanic rocks which are rich in Magnesium and Iron. I combine hot and cold to relieve muscular aches and pains. Enjoy blissful relaxation, or a deeper tissue massage that only these rocks can provide.

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Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage

Back pain and pelvic instability are common complaints during pregnancy. Don't let the discomfort cause stress or worry during this beautiful time in your life. Enjoy a Pregnancy massage to not only ease the pain, but relax your mind as well.  This not only benefits your health, but the baby's as well by maintaining good blood flow to the uterus, as well as ensuring you don't pass on your stress.

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Relieve Muscular Pain and Sports Injuries with Deep Tissue Massage

Whether you have RSI in your forearms or Carpal Tunnel pain from using a mouse too much. Pulled a hamstring running too far, hurt your back lifting something heavy at home. Let my unique massage style help your body repair the damage done to your muscles.

Remember, sore muscles do more than cause pain, they can increase your stress levels, interrupt your sleep and leave you feeling weary and fatigued. 

Discover how massage can help improve your quality of life!


Massage Durations

I offer both long and short massage sessions, I recommend a minimum of 60 minutes for Hot Stone Massage.

Massages range from 30 to 90 minutes

Miss Kimberly hand made soy candles
Miss Kimberly hand made soy candles

Miss Kimberly Hand Made Soy Candles

Soy Tea lights and melts complete the setting.  Let your other senses be relaxed by natural healing fragrances while the massage takes effect. When the mind is at peace the body follows.

Discover why Soy Candles are so much better for the environment and your health and safety than cheap Paraffin Candles

My Hand made soy candles are available in a range of relaxing fragrances.

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Massage Gift Voucher

Do you know some who needs some help relaxing or could benefit from some pampering?

Why not buy them one of my massage gift vouchers.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months, and are a great way to show some one how much you care.

Beauty Services are also available

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